our process

We’ve streamlined the process of getting the website of your dreams up and running.

We know that you have better things to focus on so we won’t be emailing back and forth endlessly. We’ll take your ideas and build your website whilst you’re seeing clients.



Step 1

You decide you need a professional, attractive and user-friendly website that will help you attract more clients.

After all, the more clients you get, the more people you’re helping.

Step 2

Look through the ins and outs of our packages and pick one that will work best for you.

We offer professional websites and monthly maintenance but also have a range of add-ons for those extra bits that your business needs.

We also supply stock images, connect your booking system and email marketing. 

step 3

We then send you through the contract and once the first payment has been made you will receive a questionnaire direct to your inbox so that we can gather all of the information we need from you to bring your vision to life.

If you have chosen some additional add-on services such as branding or copywriting, they will be paid upfront along with the first monthly instalment. 

Step 4

We then get to work on the project behind the scenes.

We work together in a professional, easy-to-navigate Project Management Software so that nothing gets missed and there is no unnecessary disturbance to you while you are busy serving your patients/clients.

Step 5

After we have built the first webpage you will get to review your site to make sure you are happy with the look/feel of the design.

If it’s not love at first sight, we can make the relevant changes, if it is true love, we can continue to build the site.

Step 6

Depending on your response times and gathering of information, the site is generally finished in about 6-8 weeks.

This is can vary but this is the average time a website takes to be up and running!

Step 7

We launch your site!

Our team will then take care of monthly updates, website back-ups and site security for 24 months (with the option to extend).

We also offer any basic changes and additions to your content on the site each month.

We will send out an email each month to see if there is anything we can do for you in case it slips your mind.

Step 8

What happens after 24 months?

We would love to continue to maintain your site and offer the same monthly content changes or additions to your site for an ongoing monthly fee of $149/month.

the online blueprint


Want to know what you need to consider when building a website?

We’ve outlined it all in our Online Blueprint.

It’s everything we do for our clients, all bundled up for you – and it’s FREE!

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