Social media management for healthcare professionals

socials bogging you down?

We get it! You started your health and wellness business to help people stay or get healthy!

Not to become an online marketer, content creator and social media guru.

Now you’re feeling like butter scraped over too much bread DOING ALL THE THINGS (and maybe not as successfully as you’d hoped). The gurus are telling you “you need to do all of your social media content”. Well we call BS.

There is always another way!

Take our client Claudia for example

Her words – “I hate Social Media”

For Claudia, when she finally handed over her socials to us that had been causing her so much stress and anxiety, keeping her completely stagnant in her business, consuming all of her precious thoughts and taking up way too much of her time .

We breathed new life into her socials. She had a weight off of her mind and her business started to grow rapidly. She felt inspired to create and deliver her programs and 1:1 coaching again and her revenue increased so that she didn’t have to go back to her accounting job.

Claudia was able to share when she felt inspired which meant the content she shared was always off the charts rather than forced and falling flat. We kept the consistent, reliable, informative and engaging content rolling and Claudia fell in love with her business again! Whoop whoop – GO CLAUDIA!

want consitency & steady growth?

With over 40 years in the health space between us, and 16 in the online marketing space (including a heap of social media management) we can help resolve your content block and keep the algorithms happy while you take care of your patients/clients.

introducing............. the wellness social media management package

We know, not the most original name 😜 but it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Our basic package includes 3 static posts per week to Instagram & Facebook with an option to upgrade, adding reels, stories and carousels to suit your unique business needs.  

what it looks like:

  • We get to know your brand inside & out and discuss your goals and vision.
  • Custom Content Creation: We’ll craft engaging posts that resonate with your target audience and people won’t even know it’s not you!

  • Strategic Planning: Our team will create a tailored social media strategy to boost your online presence and reach your goals.

  • Regular Posting: Say goodbye to inconsistent posting. We’ll ensure your content is shared consistently. 3 static posts per week in our basic package with an option to up the anti (book a chat).

  • Marketing Expertise: We have the know-how to get your message in front of the right people, so you can grow your practice.

  • AHPRAH friendly: We know how to keep the AHPRAH police happy! We’ll manage your social media accounts with expertise.

  • Eye-Catching Design: Our designers will create stunning visuals to grab your audience’s attention and create a strong visual brand presence across your socials.

  • Analytics and Reporting: We provide you with regular reports, so you can track your progress. 


The team was always responsive to our questions and concerns, and they went the extra mile to ensure our brand was represented accurately and positively. It’s evident they genuinely care about their clients which was refreshing!

The results speak for themselves. Our online presence has grown significantly, attracting a broader audience and increasing our engagement with both existing and potential patients. The improved visibility has undoubtedly contributed to our business’s success, and we have seen a notable increase in appointment bookings as a direct result of your efforts.

McMillan Chiropractic

Wellness Social Media Management Package

This service is so that you can maintain a consistent and professional social media presence. We will share educational content about your area of expertise, include engagement posts and encourage people to book your services. We encourage you and your team to share more personal, ‘inside your business’ posts to create a stronger connection with your audience.

Please note: The first month is $350 set up fee and then 2 weeks of content. Every month following is 4 weeks of content.


Does not include:

  • Responses to comments on posts
  • Responses to private messages

Please note: The first month is $350 set up fee and then 2 weeks of content. Every month following is 4 weeks of content.


Before the Pandemic we had Wellness Media Studio set up our Instagram and get it rolling to create a professional online presence.

We had just purchased the practice, the WMS team created our branding guide and it was time to get it out there and build the new brand. The team were very much on the same page. At times we shared our images and any relevant info with them and they turned them into amazing posts. The rest of the content they created autonomously.

They really got to know us, our values, our tone of voice and our team. Actually writing this testimonial is making us realise that we need to get WMS back! Our socials have not really moved since we disengaged their services due to the uncertainty at the time.

We can wholeheartedly recommend WMS for social media management. Such a creative and professional force to have on your team. We are currently in the process of having them create a brand new website for us too! 


McLean Dental Group


What social media platforms do you manage for your package?

We primarily focus on Facebook and Instagram.

How often do you post on Facebook and Instagram for the standard package?

We post three times a week on both Facebook and Instagram. These are static posts designed for consistency for the algorithms, to engage your audience, provide value and encourage them to engage your services. There’s an option to add reels and carousels as well – book a chat to discuss this.

Do you conduct hashtag research as part of your package?

Yes, we perform hashtag research to ensure that your posts reach a wider and more relevant audience, enhancing the discoverability of your content.

How do you keep communication open for including timely and relevant content?

We maintain open communication with you to stay updated on any timely or relevant content, news, events, or promotions that should be featured on your social media profiles. Every month we send out an email so that you can pass on any relevant details and images that you want us to include amongst our usual content.

What kind of growth can we expect from your standard package?

Our standard package aims to provide steady and reliable growth. While we don’t guarantee radical growth, we focus on building a consistent and engaged following over time. Creating trust and showing that you will continue to show up for your audience is vital for your online presence. 

Can you create customized content like reels, stories, and carousels as part of the package?

Our standard package includes static posts. However, we offer additional customizations, such as reels, stories, and carousels, to enhance your social media strategy and meet your specific goals. These can be added as extra options to the package. Book a free chat here to see how we can best accomodate you and your unique business. 

Does your team have experience with social media management for health and wellness professionals?

Yes, our team has years of experience in social media management, specifically catering to health and wellness professionals. We understand the industry’s unique needs and can help you navigate compliance, including AHPRAH requirements if that’s a thing for your biz! 

We have managed accounts on the topics of gut health, holistic nutrition, chiropractic, dental, health coaches, mental health, womens health, yoga, essential oils, parenting and a range of online business accounts.  

How do you handle compliance with AHPRAH (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) when required?

We are well-versed in AHPRAH regulations and ensure that all content we create and post complies with their guidelines. We take the necessary steps to maintain the highest standards of professionalism. 

Can we adjust the posting frequency and content type in the package to suit our unique needs?

Yes, we offer flexibility. We can customize the package to align with your specific posting frequency, content type, and other requirements to meet your objectives. Book a chat to discuss your needs and pricing. 


Why is there only static posts in your basic package?

Our standard package of the 3 static posts/week is to keep your online presence professional, consistent and to take the weight off of your shoulders so that you can tend to your patients/clients and to your business without feeling like you are failing in the social media department – peace of mind. 

We encourage you to share when you feel called and inspired to as well and can always add more reels, stories and carousels to your plan if you’d like to – Book at chat to discuss.

What is the pricing structure for your social media management package?

The standard package is $700 per month. This is billed monthly for the duration of our partnership.

For a more customised package: Pricing varies depending on the level of customisation and additional options. We can provide you with a customised quote based on your specific needs and goals.

How do we get started with your social media management services?

To get started on the basic health & wellness social media package, simply purchase the package here. We will then contact you to schedule a consultation to discuss your goals, get to know your business and customise a plan that best suits your health and wellness business.

If you’d prefer to chat first, book a no oblignation coffee chat today!

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Two business women that have put our talents and experience in health, private practice, SEO, graphic design, social media management and online business together, to bring you Wellness Media Studio. 

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